Photographie als Kunst ist ein sehr gefährliches Gebiet.

-Sasha Stone

ListedBlue - an exclusive collection of meticulously sourced, handmade, and highly individual objects - pays homage to an archetypal ethos of a time before creation became production. ListedBlue objects are unfinished, imperfect and barely functional, they have never claimed economic value.

Analogous to registering endangered species on so-called red and blue lists, ListedBlue operates as conservator of these objects.

In the spacious vaulted basement of the Beurs van Berlage the collection is shown in 3 embodiments: the Object, the Image & the Download. The presentation of objects, photos and 3d-prints intertwines contemporary languages of art, product design and archeology.

Playing with uniqueness, editions and infinite reproducibility ListedBlue questions value and values. The collection challenges notions of craft, materiality, authenticity and aura. On the eve of a new technological revolution ListedBlue celebrates imperfection, topples perceptions and replicates untold personal stories.

-ListedBlue#01 | Unseen