SYNC., work in progress, 2019
Holiday photos in a rural setting, synchronously photographed from eye level and from the sky. The images, double projections, indicate the presence of the "eye in the sky". Superimposition, the overlapping of photographic images, was a frequently used "special effect" in cinema. It was used to visualize the supernatural, to show a spirit, dream or hallucinatory state of mind. The superimposition technique was used for the first time in the early 20th century. Based on the credibility of the photographic image, this technique was able to make the viewer believe in the fantastic that was portrayed. Semi-translucent shapes moved through the same space as the "normal" actors. "Spirits" detached themselves from bodies to start suffering their own lives. "Suspension of disbelief" made the fantastic images that were shown - at least for the duration of the film - to be taken for granted. In the Sync series I respond to the "spirit notion" and show a new reality at the same time.