Martine Stig

Photography itself is the locus of my work. The voyeuristic act: photography (verb) and the autonomic product: photo (noun). Whilst using the medium I research it’s role in the perception of reality. I employ cliché - a box of tricks that evolved with the profession itself - to manipulate a viewers’ viewing experience.

Cultural framing interests me and how visual truths prove to be obverse. I am also interested in the universal need to take and cherish pictures of loved ones.

I have a teaching position at The Master Institute, Den Bosch, a research position at Caradt, Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology, Breda and I am co-founder of Radical Reversibility, a practice and research-based art cooperative.


Tweede Leeghwaterstraat 7A
1018 RA Amsterdam
m: +31653832364