Cauchy Horizons

Solo exhibition

April 20- August 4, 2013
Schunck, Heerlen, NL

installation view Cauchy Horizons

Is it possible to photograph the future? To answer this question, Martine Stig visited four major cities, each at a crucial point in its political, economic or intellectual development: Tunis, Shenzhen, Athens and Geneva. To create Cauchy Horizons, she first analyzed the visual language of science fiction films – the visual art genre supremely concerned with speculation about the future. When photographing the urban environment, Stig then looked for the circles, triangles, globes and shiny surfaces so beloved of sci-fi cinema. In her book, she combines photos of futuristic architecture with images of everyday objects, shot to make them look like the setting for science fiction. Her inventive use of light and shade and chosen camera angles transform ordinary handrails, gratings and vertical contrails into something entirely different and more futuristic. Cauchy Horizons conjures up the setting for a story that the viewer is left to imagine
In addition to my presentation I was invited to curate a selection from the Schunck collection and the WG collection . This show includes works of Erik van Lieshout, Maria Barnas, Wolfgnag Tillmans, Louis de Cordier, Marlene Dumas, Rik Meijers

installation view curated group show