Found Choreography

The dance version of found footage

March 14, 2014
EYE film museum, Amsterdam, NL

still from Play, HDV, 10", 2009

Sometimes, dance is suddenly there: in the breathtaking grace of a leaping cat, or in a conductor’s hands that seem to be moving for the sheer pleasure of it. The guest curator for Cinedans 2014 is filmmaker Peter Delpeut. Cinedans invited Delpeut to share his vision on dance film, inspiring him to initiate a community project around ‘found choreography’ – found footage modified to a choreography. In collaboration with Peter Delpeut, Cinedans set up a blog and issued an open invitation to everyone to submit their own found choreography. He will present a programme at the festival focusing on found choreography where he will screen and talk about the best submissions.