Launch Radical Reversibility at Unseen CO-OP

September 21 – September 24, 2017
Transformatorhuis, Booth 11, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, NL

Overview, with works by El Lissitzky, Stephan Keppel / Hans Gremmen, Hiryczuk / van Oevelen en Martine Stig.

Radical Reversibility (RR) is a practice and research-based art cooperative founded by artist Martine Stig, artists duo Hiryczuk/ Van Oevelen and independent curator Frank van der Stok. The RR cooperative aims to investigate and develop visual and conceptual strategies that radically reverse the paradigms of our current visual culture. RR operates within the context of contemporary art, with a focus on lens-based media. Our common field of interest consists of the fundamental entanglement between image and gaze. With our research we intend to uncover different 'cultures of the gaze’ in order to playfully challenge and decondition our looking habits. We will address these alternative visual approaches within a transhistorical framework.
For Unseen CO-OP – the new addition to Unseen, the international platform for contemporary photography – curator Lars Willumeit has selected RR together with 12 international art collectives to present themselves. Our first public presentation will be centered around a key work by El Lissitzky – In the studio, 1923 – and includes works by Martine Stig and Hiryczuk/ Van Oevelen. In addition we will show a new collaborative project by our first guest contributors Stephan Keppel and Hans Gremmen. On the occasion of our launch we will issue a printed manifesto, designed by Hans Gremmen along with the first RR special editions of work by Hiryczuk/ Van Oevelen, Martine Stig, Stephan Keppel and El Lissitzky. SPECIAL RR EVENTS AT UNSEEN CO-OP - Thursday 21, 20:00: Official launch of RR and presentation of our manifesto to Lars Willumeit, Unseen Opening Night, CO-OP Booth 11 (on invitation only) - Saturday 23, 12:30: All that is solid melts into clouds, RR contribution to POIUYT Radio, CO-OP Booth 3m (public event) - Sunday 24, 14:45: CO-OP Talk with RR co-founders Martine Stig and Sjoerd van Oevelen, in The Living Room (public event) This event is made possible by Mondriaan Fund, Unseen Amsterdam, Expertise Centre for Art and Design at Avans University, Hans Gremmen, Stephan, Daria Tuminas, Taco Hidde Bakker, Niels Schrader, Mertens Frames, Atelier Lasociale.

Overview, with works byStephan Keppel / Hans Gremmen, Hiryczuk / van Oevelen en Martine Stig

Overview, with works by Stephan Keppel, Hiryczuk / van Oevelen en Martine Stig.

Overview, with works by El Lissitzky and Hiryczuk / van Oevelen.