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Video works from the collection G + W.

April 11 - October 11, 2015
DordtYart, Dordrecht, NL

still from Suto-ri-, HDV, 20", 2007

Playing with the possibility of a scripted reality is typical for the work of Dutch artist Martine Stig. In several photo projects, she assigned passers-by the role of actor by focusing in on, for example, certain communal actions, or a chance occurrence. For the film Suto-ri-, Stig shot a great deal of documentary footage in the streets of Tokyo. From this material, she then selected fragments, and carefully edited them into one story. The work is based on a clearly defined concept, while it's actual implementation depends on chance. Stig uses our tendency to want to see connections in a chaotic reality. But she also aptly shows how much our view of our surroundings is conditioned by the medium of film - a hallmark of our existence in the visual culture

installation view Suto-ri-