Representing Reality Chapter 6: Virtual Reality

April 5, 2024
Wuhan Photography Art Center, Wuhan, CH

Screening schedule


"A Time"
A Stretch of Time

"The Mirror of Humanity"
The Reflection of the Man

"Near Infrared Light"


"Thrills of Love"
Shiver of Love


How we understand and describe the world we live in has long demonstrated humankind's determination to intervene in reality and reach reality. From symbols, texts, sounds, images to a series of constantly growing and evolving art forms, we are able to represent reality. Media and means. However, as Stuart Hall reminds us, all of our "representations" are not just manifestations of individual will, but show specific "cultural symptoms". What is highlighted behind the meaning is our "power to see" ".

The moving image works selected in the "Representation of Reality" series of screenings and the Liu Bo + Li Yu solo exhibition "When Now" both reflect concerns about the power of viewing, and are accompanied by questioning or even ridicule of the promise of reality. But these works, whether through the use of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, network communication, animation modeling, or through the rethinking of traditional representation methods such as role-playing, are telling us that we have never given up on intervening in reality. participate.


"What era is this?" This is an era where algorithms are full of deep fakes and data is full of tricks. This is an era where people are constantly trying to use virtual means to extend and reproduce reality. This is an era that is difficult to grasp and predict. : Nothing is absolutely real, and there may be real characteristics in everything. The only thing that is certain is that the line between the physical world and the virtual world has become blurred. The final chapter of the "Representation of Reality" screening series hopes to lead the audience back to the original source of this project: direct feelings about reality and fiction, technology and representation, virtual worlds and alternative realities directly triggered by a series of AI photography. It can be funny and disturbing, or it can be emotional and sad.