CPDP - Computers, Privacy & Data Protection - Enforcing Rights in a Changing World

exhibition & art talk @ privacy conference

January 27 - 29, 2021
Brussels, BE | Gather.town virtual environment

During the CPDP conference we will present WeAlgo.

WeAlgo is a playground where biometric avatars meet. It allows customised masks - based on facial landmarks - to interact, whilst making transparent which information our effigies already provide ... to both human and non-human audiences.

We use computer visions’ visual language, which has become a symbol for surveillance capitalism, as leading aesthetic principle. By embracing it we reverse privacy infringement angst and create a platform to experiment, to imagine and to re-invent your fluid identity and move, as at a masked ball, through a truly shared space.

Instead of using compressed video streams, WeAlgo streams data points, which significantly reduces bandwidth costs and carbon footprint. WeAlgo is built on open-source software, and the software we develop will be available for anyone to use. We don’t collect or sell data. The Alter Algo you create is yours.

WeAlgo is a collaboration with Stef Kolman (product developer), Tomas van der Wansem (software developer, encryption specialist) & Roel Noback (front-end Javascript developer)